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Quality, Comfortable Dentures in Barrhead

Using the latest in modern technology, Barrhead Denture Clinic Inc. creates comfortable dentures in Barrhead with teeth that are customized by colour and shape to mimic your natural smile. Whether you need new complete dentures or just a partial denture, we cater to patients with different tooth loss situations. Your comfort is our priority. It is possible to have dentures that look and feel like your natural teeth!

We provide the following denture products and services: 


Professional strength Renew® denture cleaner provides the cleaning power that other over-the-counter denture cleaners just can’t beat. Renew is one of the best denture cleaners in Canada compared to other popular brands.

Barrhead Denture Clinic Inc. provides products for the whole family, including Pro-Form™ sports mouthguards for athletes. The only pre-made, laminated mouthguard available, this product offers unbeatable strength to protect your natural teeth from impact. Contact us today for more information.


Let Us Restore Your Smile

Since 1993, Barrhead Denture Clinic Inc. has offered professional denture service to Barrhead and the surrounding area.

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