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Custom-Made Athletic Mouthguards in Barrhead

At Barrhead Denture Clinic Inc., we provide custom-made athletic mouthguards in Barrhead. Specifically designed to your mouth, the guards can be used in any sport but are most useful during contact sports such as wrestling, boxing, football, and hockey. Remember to replace your mouthguard after each season. Over time, they wear down and become less effective in protecting your teeth. Replacement is doubly important for youth as their mouths continue to grow and teeth continue to develop into adulthood.

Benefit of Athletic Mouthguards

Our custom-made mouthguards are distinct from store-bought versions which come pre-formed or as “boil-and-bite” where you warm the plastic in water and then bite down to fit the guard to your teeth. Our denturist will make a mold of your teeth and construct a guard to fit exactly over them. 

Get protected and call Barrhead Denture Clinic Inc. today for your custom-made athletic mouthguard.


Let Us Restore Your Smile

Since 1993, Barrhead Denture Clinic Inc. has offered professional denture service to Barrhead and the surrounding area.

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